About Us


Follow our races!  We are members of the Circuit Pro Tour and NNYVSR.  Racing season starts Jan 5, 2014 with a race in Boonville, NY.  You can follow our team on line at Eagle River, WI and Valcourt, Quebec.

Our driver for 2014 is Brandon Miller, a winner of the coveted Boonville Cup! Brandon will be racing our Formula 500 and the Factory 600 rear driven prototype.

This year we have support from Bombardier, CJ Motorsports, Fx Caprara car companies, RND Innovators, Old Forge Camping Resorts and Enchantecd Forest Water Park, and we are working on more. 

Brandon Miller #57 is racing 4 classes this season in the Circuit Pro Tour. He is currently leading the points in 3 classes. Factory 600, Combo (Pro Champ and Factory 600 combined) and Pro Formula 500. 

You can follow points standing at the link below.
Brandon is driving the prototype Rear Axle Drive (RAD Technology) race sled with a Rotax 600RS race motor. The track is driven at the rear axle rather than the conventional front track position. It has a proprietary floating bell crank front suspension with no anti-roll bar or chain case and the longest CVT drive belt you have ever seen at 104". Dayco manufactures the custom CVT belt driving a 116" Camoplast track. 
The chassis was designed and built by Shawn Watling of RND Innovators. Shawn has 3 patents and 1 patent pending for the technology used in this highly advanced race sled. Mark Bourgeois of CJ Motorsports is the project partner and owner of the race team.

Jack Lloyd of Fourth Lake Performance owns the Formula 500 race sled and provides the truck and race trailer we operate out of.

Brandon has many years of racing experience but this is his first full season racing in these 4 classes. 

This web page is still under construction, so please check back soon for more information!